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A Note from School Nurses:

The nurses at Clinton-Massie Local School District are working with our leadership teams to ensure the health, safety, and wellness of our school district and our community. Please make sure to fill out all pertinent medical information on Final Forms. If your students have specific medical needs and/or require medication at school, please contact us prior to the first day of school to discuss their specific situation and arrange to drop off any medications.

We need a written physician’s order for any administration of medication, including over-the-counter medications. The forms can be located below on this website.

Cindy Stenger can be reached at (937) 289-2109, ext 2109.
Tiffany Penewit can be reached at (937) 289-2515, ext 4404.
Mariaha Moyer can be reached at (937)289-2109, ext 4407. Thank you!

Back-to-school immunizations (23-24):

The Class of 2024 Seniors need a MCV4 (Meningococcal) Vaccine.

Students going into the 7th grade (23-24 school year), need a MCV4(Meningococcal) Vaccine and a Tdap (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis Vaccine).

All incoming 2023-24 Kindergarten, Seventh, Seniors and New students need to provide us with up to date written shot records. An immunization Waiver is also available on our school web-site if you choose not to immunize your student. For information on immunizations and the recommended immunizations schedule go to

Please remember to check to see if your child’s immunizations are up-to-date.
For information on immunizations and the recommended immunizations schedule go to Ohio Dept of Health Immunization Summary 2023

The Clinton County Health District is providing back to school immunizations by appointment only. Call the Health District at (937)382-3829 to make an appointment. The Warren County Health District is also providing back to school immunizations by appointment only at (513) 695-1228.

Birth-18 Years Immunization Schedule, where our goal is to educate at least one new person a day about the importance of children's health and wellness has recently published a free article covering vaccines and the recommendations each year. We spoke with experts from the AAP and the CDC on the importance of immunizations, recommended shots, and more: also provides information about baby-proofing, food safety basics, toy risks and more. Read their Child Safety Guide at

Wellness and Nutrition Policy

Clinton-Massie Local School District is committed to promoting and protecting our students’
health, well-being, and ability to learn by supporting healthy eating and physical activity. Read our policy here.

Information about Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a nuisance, but they are not known to cause or spread disease. They are usually active at night when they feed on blood. The bite is initially painless, but it may become swollen and itch, much like a mosquito bite. If you have concerns for you or your child, you should call your physician. We do not send home a child if a bed bug is found on them. We check for bug bites, additional bed bugs, and their school items are placed in double black garbage bags to sit outside until after school.  We also notify parents of the discovery of the bed bug. The source of bed bugs often cannot be determined, as they may be found in many places, including hotels, airplanes, buses, hospitals, department stores and movie theaters.  Finding a bed bug does not mean that our school buildings or buses are infested. Bed bugs are often unknowingly brought into the school by building occupants and as a result, we may have future sightings. Even though it is unlikely for bed bugs to reproduce and spread in schools, we will continue to work to identify pests, provide thorough inspections of our school buildings and buses and have licensed pest control specialists treat areas as appropriate. If you have experienced them in your home, we strongly recommend that you seek assistance from a qualified pest control.  


Some resources about bed bugs:


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Provider Request for Administration of Medication at School

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Food and Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan

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Permission to Carry and Self-Medicate with Asthma Inhalers, Portable Nebulizers Form

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Read information about the prevention and control of the spread of head lice.

Head lice information from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Information about Mollsucum Cotagiosum and what to know.

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