CCP Information for the 2021-2022 School Year:
This link will take you to the CCP Counseling Session with Chris Downing, CMHS School Counselor (Power Point with video)

This link will take you to Sinclair's CCP Dashboard for 21-22 (Sinclair's CCP presentatation, handout, application, and dates/deadlines)

2021-2022 Annual Notice

CMLSD College Credit Plus Intent to Participate Form for the 2021-2022 School Year (due date: May 1; This form is required for all students who may want to participate in CCP for the 21-22 school, including students who have previously taken CCP courses.)

Info emailed to students in the Classes of 2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025 on 5-3-21:

If you are taking CCP courses online/at a campus this summer or fall, please make sure that you send Ms. Beres your schedule.  I need your complete information, including the following:

1. full course name (example: English Composition I)
2. course number (example: ENG 1101)
3. section number (example: ENG 1101-502 or PSY 1100-5B0)
4. number of credit hours 
5. format of the course (online, in-person, remote, etc.)
Please create a new message to send this information (instead of replying to this message).  
For summer classes this year, you will be getting your own books from the campus bookstore.  Directions for Sinclair are attached; please note that you cannot order books until 10 days before the term starts.  You will not pay for the books yourself; you should be able to charge them to CMHS.   Fall books will be TBA as we get closer to the start of the fall term.
For any CCP courses at CMHS, you do not need to send me any information.  By putting the courses on your request list that you entered into the computer, you indicated that you wanted us to sign you up for those classes.  As long as you applied and completed testing (if necessary), you don't need to do anything else. When we get closer to fall, we will send the registration lists to Sinclair and they will register you.  
If you are planning to take CCP classes and haven't applied/tested yet, please do so ASAP.  You'll need to visit the website of the college you plan to attend to find out about application/testing processes and due dates.
If you have any questions, please contact your school counselor.

Current CCP Students:
Beginning with the 2020-2021 school year, Sinclair has provided us with a transition advisor, Samantha Small.  Her job is to help students with any CCP needs and questions, as well as to help students transition from high school to college.  Ms. Small can be reached at 937-512-2962 or via email at  Click here to view an informational flier that Sinclair published.

If you are taking courses this year through CCP, Ms. Beres needs the following information once you have registered:

1. Course name (ex: English Composition I)
2. Course number (ex: ENG 1101)
3. Section number (ex: ENG 1101-501   or MAT 1470-5TB)
4. the number of credit hours it's worth
5. Whether it's online or in-person

Contact the bookstore for the college you are attending for information about how to get your books.  Do not pay for anything yourself; it should be charged to CMHS because you are a CCP student.  Most of Sinclair's books have an online format for their book.  Please select the cheapest option and do not charge anything that is listed as "optional" or "recommended," as those are NOT covered under CCP. Sinclair Bookstore Directions (Spring 2021)      Sinclair "How do I..." (FAQs)

For the Ohio Department of Education's website about College Credit Plus, click here

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